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Company Name:


What does your business do and what kinds of services do you offer to customers?


Neverware makes old, obsolete PC computers run like new and literally never run down. We are a service tailored exclusively to the K-12 education market and currently serve dozens of public schools in NYC with significant 2014 growth targets in and outside the NYC area. Schools typically throw out old computers with low or zero functionality; with Neverware, schools not only can power those computers but also save money on buying new hardware.

What are the top three areas you’d like to save in (i.e. electricity, process efficiency, etc.)? Please describe your plans to create savings in these areas.


1) Neverware currently works in a co-working space and will be moving into our own office in January 2014. Saving money in all aspects of running a stand-alone office - power/electricity, office supplies, paper goods - is a major part of our moving plans.
2) As we grow to serve clients outside of our region, we are focused on delivering our service in a sustainable way and avoiding having staff travel to each site.
3) We power servers in schools and would be interested in saving schools's electricity costs in both server and wifi maintenance.

How would these savings allow you to focus more resources into additional areas for improvement?


While we have a product that works and serves dozens of schools, we are deep in a long-term development pipeline. Saving us money on our operations would allocate more funds to staff training and development to ensure our product continues to work. We also often purchase hardware and auxiliary items for schools (old desktops, laptop batteries, keyboards, etc) so they can best use our service and would likely direct saved funds to this.

In what ways would your proposed savings make an impact on your business? And how could it impact others' businesses?


Neverware is a nationally recognized start-up and are poised to go through major growth across the next year or two. Having money at the out-set to invest both in our infrastructure and in schools's infrastructure would be quite valuable. Our mission is already sustainable - decreasing the need to purchase new computer hardware - but having all operations, internal and external, aligned with said sustainable mission would only benefit our company's mission and vision.

How would winning the $10,000 prize enable you to create efficiency in your business?


We are just at the start of establishing our own, stand-alone, fully independent business. With establishing a physical office, this prize would help us purchase the right environmentally friendly equipment and ensure that all staff have the right resources to do their jobs efficiently and successfully. We are in the sweet spot of emerging from a start-up to a fully fledged company; efficiency is essential as we build our business. This prize would give us the money to set ourselves up best.

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Jonathan Hefter
Jonathan Hefter

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Monday, January 13

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