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Savings Side of Business

Win $10,000 for your innovative saving plan

The Savings Side of Business challenge will support one small business doing great things for their employees, communities and the environment.

The Specifics

In today’s competitive economy, it’s more important than ever for business owners to be proactive about running their companies efficiently. While the business marketplace is always adopting new ideas, technologies, and products, one tried-and-true business practice that remains unchanged is being smart about saving money.

To celebrate the timeless value of efficiency, GOOD and UPS are excited to announce the Savings Side of Business GOOD Maker challenge. We’re looking for small business owners like you to share smart, forward-thinking ideas that bring savings to everyday operations—whether in time, money, labor, or other valuable ways. We’re sure you know all about using energy efficient light bulbs, but have you got big plans to convert to solar or go off-the-grid that could save money for your business? Would a technology overhaul allow you to channel newfound energy into a new product or service? Would using out-of-the-box designs for windows or insulation reduce your heating bill? There’s many ways businesses can save, and we want to hear your most innovative solutions.

Help inspire your fellow small business community by telling us about a program or process to help make every dollar—and valuable minute—count. We want to celebrate small businesses doing great things for their employees, communities and the environment so we’ll be featuring the winning idea on GOOD, in addition to providing a $10,000 grant to get the business started on the way to saving.

Submissions are open from October 31 to December 12, noon Pacific Time, and the business will have a chance to navigate savings in their industry with advice from experts—and $10,000. The chosen company will be selected based on its ability to outline a plan that would create savings and improve its business model in innovative ways. The business will also win a feature on GOOD to inspire other companies through its successes and challenges.

Connect with this challenge on Twitter @GOODmkr and Facebook.

Submission tips
The winning company will be chosen if it meets one of the following requirements:

  • Outlines a clear plan or program that can increase business efficiency while also bringing savings in everyday operations such as in money, time, resources, etc .
  • Provides a clear explanation for how the savings would enable the company to focus more resources into additional areas for improvement
  • Include a photo or video that represents your idea. Photos should be in JPG,
    PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 × 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB. To include
    a video, use a YouTube URL
  • If you have any questions, please review these FAQs or send us an email at

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from October 31 to December 12, noon Pacific Time.
  • U.S. based companies are eligible to apply.
  • A panel of judges will select one winner to receive $10,000, advice from experts in their sector, and a feature on GOOD to inspire other companies through its successes and challenges.
  • Read all the rules.

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Submission Began
Thursday, October 31

Submission Ended
Thursday, December 12
at 12:00 PM PST

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Judging Period Ended
Friday, January 10
at 12:00 PM PST

Circle-3 Step3-title
Jonathan Hefter
Jonathan Hefter

Winner Announced
Monday, January 13

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